Ninja House

What is Ninja House attraction

This attraction will interest energetic, mobile children who want to test their dexterity, strength and endurance.

Check your super abilities. Have you dreamed of walking on the walls? - Easy! Here you can do everything - to ride on the bungee not down, but up, to defeat the strongest opponent in arm-wrestling, to sit on a chair nailed to the wall at an angle of 30.

As soon as you cross the threshold of this house, you immediately fall into another world - unpredictable, fraught with all kinds of trials, dangers, obstacles and surprises, like a real Ninja. The house is designed in such a way that you have a sense of loss of balance, your gravity is disturbed, the body and brain are trying to adapt to the new conditions, and all these feelings add vivid sensations. You overcome obstacles in defiance of the laws of physics and the power of gravity. And your brain itself perceives things that are familiar to you, quite differently. The swing is slowed down where it should swing, the ball rolls up, not down, and it’s ten times more difficult to climb the ordinary steps.

Visit the «Ninja House» and you will check your agility, ingenuity, stamina, also you will get a portion of new sensations and unforgettable emotions!

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