Park of Professions


Сost of the project - is calculated individually and depends on the area of the attraction, interior design and decor.


Recommended area - 1500 square meters and more.

Ceiling height

Ceiling height – not less than 6 m (a ceiling with different levels is possible).


Term of the project - from 90 days (depends on the area and design).

What is Park of Professions attraction

Park of Professions - is a city for children, which gives them the opportunity to feel older, to play, to get knowledge and skills that will be useful to them in real life. This is a real country for children aged 4 to 16, with its own laws and regulations, own economy and monetary unit. Children are the main in the Park of Professions.

Children can get acquainted with various professions here, they can earn gaming money, spend it on entertainment or accumulate their money in a bank account. You can visit 50 gaming stations here - from the fire department to the art school, and more than 100 professions - from the doctor to the pilot.

Payback period of the project - depends on the location, conversion, etc. This period will be calculated individually after the customer provides additional data required for the calculation.