Interactive Park – LaLaPark

What is Interactive Park - LaLaPark attraction

Meet a unique combination of innovative technologies, an amusement park and a development center for children! The projection space with colorful characters and immersive effect absorbs children in the process instantly and develops their skills and abilities. Unique new technologies (augmented reality, interactive projections, motion tracking and touching systems) develop logic, fine motor skills, mindfulness, speed of reaction in children.

Color the animal with markers, put the coloring on the scanner and - oh, a miracle! - it will appear on the screen inside a fantastic forest. Hit the real balls in the cunning monkeys on the screen to save the toys. Make the fish swim in their houses in a real ocean! Are simple classics too boring? Well then try to jump on the hot lava. Jump between the stones and in no case step on the boiling lava!

You will experience all this and many other adventures in LaLaPark.

The average playing time is 15 minutes. Up to 20 people can play at the same time.

Payback period of the project - depends on the location, conversion, etc. This period will be calculated individually after the customer provides additional data required for the calculation.