Attractions «Foucault’s Pendulum», «Wave Pendulum», «Chaotic Pendulum»

What are «Foucault’s Pendulum», «Wave Pendulum», «Chaotic Pendulum» attractions

The «Wave Pendulum» is a very interesting phenomenon. The wavelength can be different. The balls hang in a straight line in this exhibit. When we release the handle, we think that the balls will swing at the same time. But this is not so. Ropes with different lengths and attached balls provide different amplitude of oscillation and different type of motion.

“Foucault’s Pendulum”. What would happen if we tied an iron ball-pendulum to a huge long rope above the Earth? What would we see? The Earth moves, and the pendulum draws the patterns on its surface in accordance with the rotation. Looking at this exhibit, we can imagine that a rotating container with sand is the surface of our planet. A huge pendulum swings over this surface and draws a variety of patterns.

«Chaotic Pendulum». Everything works in this world in the likeness of a pendulum according to the theory of chaos. The Chaotic Pendulum shows that everything on the planet depends on the first impulse. Then every detail and phenomenon will move and develop absolutely unexpectedly, but always under the influence of some external actions: speed, mood, position - a lot of various conditions.

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